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Hey guys,
Okay here is the challenge. I want to lift my truck! I am sick of going to meets and looking like im driving a F*ckin toy truck compared to guys like IEMuscle, Woodcrest, Mikey, all you guys! chris and austin, not even trippin about that haha! anyways I need to know where I can get a lift for CHEAP (used or New idc). I dont offroad unless im out riding dirtbikes other than that i just drive like bada$s on the street haha also I want to try to run 35s on 17s if you think that will look good....maybe in the future I will upgrade rim and to 37s but right now all my money is focused on lifting this b!tch. I dont have alot of $$$ but can anybody help me out on where to go???
Another victim to the lift addiction disease. :jester: I know the feeling. Every time I leave a meet I take my truck apart and go crazy.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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