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hooligan said:
anyone got a chrome bumper they want to sell?
Hummm I know a place where they might have it..... I look for the phone#

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A.I.I.Raciing said:
I'm hoping you need a front bumper, mine is coming off next Friday, if you want it let me know. Here is how it looks right now, I'm told the corner piece is $70. Make me an offer if you want it...Willing 2 meet half way
i'm debating AII... i'm leaning towards just taking the money and getting my prerunner bumper fabbed up instead. my corner pieces are intact, its the chrome bumper in the middle that i nose-dived off a huge whoop and buried into the hardpacked ground. yeah, the more i've been looking and getting ideas i'm for sure just gonna ride around with the bashed in bumper as a badge of honor... :rockon
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