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Wtb climate control unit

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WTB the ac/heater in dash unit (climate control unit) with knobs and all. I have an 04 Crew Cab. Send me a pic of the front and back first to confirm it is the one i need. Thanks in advance.
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Sounds good. Let me know what you want for it too.
no worries. Mine still works. This is strictly a cosmetic issue. Take your time, let me know
Still looking for a climate control unit for an 04 Titan SE CrewCab.. The one i got from Kde1971 did not have the same back side so it didnt work. So now on top of that hes not giving me a refund so i am also selling his 05 titan KC climate control unit for the same price i bought it for. $40.that's with shipping included.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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