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WTB: Factory Air Intake

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I purchased my truck with a K&N CAI and I'm not sure that it is performing any better than it would with a stock air intake for my daily driving other than being a bit more noisy. That being said I thought I would see if anybody has a factory intake they wish to part with so I can test my theory. PM if you do.
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Nevermind, I found my problem and I am going to keep my Cold Air Intake for now.
What was the problem?
I wanted the stock intake because I noticed my gas milage was in the toilet and one user suggested that he noticed a drop in fuel economy after installing his CAI. he went on to say that it only helped his performance when towing, and that he swapped it in preparation for towing but otherwise just used his stock intake. My rear end just died on me and my truck is now at the dealer getting it swapped for a fresh rear end. My mechanic said that the "drag" from my dying rear end is likely the source of my poor fuel economy. I am going to wait till I get the truck back and put it to the test but it sounds right to me. In my past experience the CAI has always been a performance enhancer. It is never to the level that K&N (and others) boast it will be, but it certainly shouldn't cause a drop in performance. I notice my HP boost right at about 3000 rpm, but all that might change with a fresh rear end. I am hoping it will be noticeable off the line.
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