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WTB: Fog lights for 08 Titan, without Auto Headlight feature

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I live in PA, 16870. PM or email me.
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So here is the deal with the '08 fog lamp kit. Basically it is the same as the 04-07 kit except they need to switch out the stalk before it is shipped. Therein lies the problem. Most places will forget to switch out the stalk and you will get the wrong one (happened 2X to me even though I asked for the '08 stalk both times).

I corresponded with Brian at and he is overnighting me the '08 stalk and I am sending him the other one back. So the '08 stalk does exist, but it is not a default part of the fog lamp kit. I would recommend calling to order to make sure they are going to swap out the stalks. If ordering from, then ask specifically for Brian. Good luck to all.
I think you got hosed on that dealer price. Mine was about a C-note less. and used the other site's (CT) discount code - I believe it was $157 plus shipping and handling (another $8 or so)
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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