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WTB: rear shocks for 2" lift 4wd+ block possibly or deaver

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just checking to see how much anyone wants to split their mini lift in half I'd be intrested in the rear, prefer donahoe shocks but I'd consider others as well, main thing it's better than stock rancho's with the OR package and will accomodate the 2" rear lift, as for the rear lift, I'd way prefer a 1.5" deaver over a block, but beggers can't be choosers so I'm open to the option of blocks :D

I have a leveling kit allready so I don't need a front spacer... thanks,

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bump this back up :D
I noticed a couple posts on clubT looking for leveling blocks. so if someone is intrested in splitting up a setup with a deavor and leveling block now is the time :D lmk, thanks, also looking for rear shocks either DRE or SAW :D
thanks, I used to have my truck stats in my sig, but I got reminded I removed it when someone asked if I had OR package and 4x4 which I have both :D thanks again for all your help :D
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