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WTB: Rear Sway Bar

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for a 2005 4x4 CC; thanks.
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I think I have my 06 CC 2wd rear sway bar in the shed. No end links I don't think, maybe they are in my box of parts from the truetrac install done at same time. I'll look Sunday afternoon. Would this work for you?
I think so; thanks. Is it a Hellwig?
My apologies Dr., I have an OEM Front Swaybar. I was thinking the Titans had a Rear standard. I had recently put on Stillen Front and Rear.
Here is a good price on one.

I just got one of these, and am waiting for shipment.
TitanBlue: Thanks for checking.

bbomar: Yes I know about that one.

I think if you call hellwig direct, you can get a good discount.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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