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WTB SE Bumper & End Caps local pickup CA / DS headlight

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Looking to buy a replacement SE front bumper (chrome) and end caps for my 2005 Titan. Ran into a parking post and bumper support on drivers side is caved in and end cap ripped. Other end cap has rock chips so looking for both if possible. Looking for local pickup at this point. I'm located in Anaheim, CA. Prefer white end caps if possible, but beggers can't be choosers. I can always have them repainted if necessary.

Also need drivers side headlight. The bracket is busted where the quarter panel, radiator support, bumper and headlight meet.
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I may still go that route but the actual bumper needs to be replaced as well and that is the expensive part. I figured I would post to see if someone had the entire bumper assembly.

I had the local body shop that services the dealer quote me an estimate and you are right the parts (end caps) are approx $50 each not including prep and paint.

I also need the fender liner but that part is only $50 as well.
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