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WTB stock parts.

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Not sure if anyone will have these parts but its worth a try.....

drivers side everything!
inner fender lining
inner fender (metal)
painted part under the head light
Air box
rad support(a huge long shot..but you never know)
complete grill
chrome bumper (or stillen)
driverside painted bumper

My truck is silver but it doesnt matter the color of the parts

the pic is of what got trashed and what I will need


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I Have a factory air box with the air box mod done to it. I can part with it for $50 plus shipping. It has the factory filter in it. It's off my 07 Titan that was purchased in March of 07. I just took it off this week the mileage on my truck was right about 7400 when I took it off.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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