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WTB stock rear shocks so cal

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Looking for the stock rear shocks for a reasonable price if you are local in the so cal area and have a set, email, pm , give me a call please Thanks Robert 9094507291 [email protected] Ok got a set of ranchos for 50 dollars from cal super trucks so i don't need these anymore
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4X2 or 4X4???
I have a set of rancho's if you are interested.
I talked with Greg he said it doesn't matter too much, with the 4x2 you lose a little travel that's all. I'm going back to stock since i have to sell the truck, and i have all the stock parts except the rear shocks. Mantis I PM'ed you.
I have a set sitting in my garage!!

I would have to ship them to you!!
Why not get a set from Greg? He has tons of them lying around collecting dust!
Talked to Greg, I was at his shouse getting my sway a ways rebuilt, and he doesn't have any left. That's the first thougt I had. I need these Today sorry and shipping would be about what I could get a new set for. thanks though. Looking to spend 50 dollars, since I can get a pair Of KYBs new from ebay for a 100.
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