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WTB: Tailgate, Silver

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just bought an 04 Titan! It's in good shape except the tailgate has some dents in it to the point where it's easier and probably cheaper to just put another used one on.

I'm in central NY and willing to pay for shipping.
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A friend of mine here in AZ is selling a white tail gate. Shoot me a PM if you want his number.
I don't know where central NY is but I tired to get an estimate to ship greyhound, it's about $100 in shipping from phoenix to syracuse.

I have no idea what my gate is worth, it has a few small dings that you have to be in the right light to see, and the plastic crap around the handle is popping out a little bit from what I assume are broken plastic clips that used to hold it in.
Oh good you guys found each other. It was meant to be.......
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