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WTB - Tow Relays

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I need all 3 - I have an 06 - so 1 white one and 2 blues.

Anyone have some that they want to get rid of? I was going to order them through yournissanparts but thought I would try to get used set. Also, if anyone knows a cheap place to get them.

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I think most are picking these up from the local dealers or nissanparts, as you mentioned. It's a more direct application and you know it will be the right one. Why mess with generic ones that could cause more problems than they're worth? Maybe someone will chime in with some used ones, but that's doubtful. This isn't really something that you put on and then say, "Eh, I don't need it so I'm gonna take the wiring out." If you don't use it, you just generally leave it there and forget about it. Just my .02....... :dunno:

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SirKeats said:
i have an 04 so only needed one white and one blue.

my oem hitch came with 1 white and 2 blues.

i, therefore, have an extra blue relay. not that one relay would be helpful to you.
Thanks - I sent you a PM.

Anyone else have an extra blue or white?
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