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WTB:TPMS wheel sensors

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I bought a set of wheels and tires form a friend and put them om the truck, I put the stock wheels in the back of the truck and went to go the the tire shop to have the sensors swapped, well long story short my duaghter called me from work sick and I went to pick her up and was out of my truck maybe 15 minutes and the tires got jacked. Well I lost my sensors as well as the stock tires...Dont really care about the tires and wheels but my sensors are gone as well...If anyone has a set that they would like to sell, Im buyin....Thanks
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Do you have the part number?

Where are you located?

Is that 200.00 shipped, if so im interested
Im in arizona 85326......are they still in your wheels or out of the wheels........

there are two main numbers

001 and 002

I need the 001
If they are off a 07 then the number will be CK001 and thats the one I need. Thanks
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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