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WTB:TPMS wheel sensors

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I bought a set of wheels and tires form a friend and put them om the truck, I put the stock wheels in the back of the truck and went to go the the tire shop to have the sensors swapped, well long story short my duaghter called me from work sick and I went to pick her up and was out of my truck maybe 15 minutes and the tires got jacked. Well I lost my sensors as well as the stock tires...Dont really care about the tires and wheels but my sensors are gone as well...If anyone has a set that they would like to sell, Im buyin....Thanks
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i have 4 i will sell u. $200 it's 72.50 each from dealer. mine are brand new. i put 20's on my truck a week after i bought my 07' titan brand new. they won't fit on my 20's so i have no use for em.
i'm in mexia,tx 76667 no i dont' havet he part number..... if called the dealership and gave em my vin they shuold b abl to tell me it right?..... where are u at?
they are in my wheels.....
ok then ya mines an 07' bought it brand new..... u wanna do it over paypal?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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