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Wtb true trac or something for the rear end.

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Ok so I have been looking around on here and all the posts are really old. So what do you guys think I need? What is LSD and truetrac?

Benefits? And disadvantages? Also where do I buy? Thanks guys.
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Do you got a little $$ burnin a hole??
Yeah man like crazy! It's either transgo or this. I am not sure which one.
Both! Either one u go with 1st is worth it. If I had something other than an 08 I'd be all over either mod. Good luck with either!

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I say truetrac. I want one soooo bad, im sick of the one wheel peel!
For the rear end? TruTrac. Limited-slip differential. It will aid in providing traction to both wheels, as opposed to the just right rear. It doesn't lock the rear, but it's a vast improvement over our stock open diff.
Wait so it's two different parts? What exactly is true trac then? I thought it was like a locker but not constant. And what is LSD?
LSD=Limited-slip differential
Right so isn't that what true trac does? It just limits the slip. Or does it entirely prevent slippage. So they are two interchangeable parts then, right? They don't work together?
LSD = Limited Slip Differential it is just a design of a differential. A true trac is a LSD by design. Your getting confused in thinking that a true trac and LSD are two different things. True Trac is a brand name of a LSD I believe. There are lots of people that make LSD's, Eaton, Auburn Gear, etc.
TruTrac is an LSD. The stock diff is an open design. There's nothing to aid in giving power to the wheel opposite of the one spinning. TruTrac would correct this.
Ok cool so that's what I will go with. Now where do I get this part any 4x4 shop?
If I'm not mistaken, one of the vendors on here has it.
Ok I will keep my eye out
Ok cool so that's what I will go with. Now where do I get this part any 4x4 shop?
Hopefully I'll be getting one in the next six months or so and this is what I've found. Places online sell them for 600-650. Then you have to get new races. Overall, installed it should be about 1000-1100 bucks. My bet is that a 4x4 shop could get ahold of one for ya
Sweet thanks. So How do I know what spline to get and what about the gear ratio?

Check this out. Eaton Part 913A589 - Detroit TrueTrac Differential-RH1
I have a new bookmark now. Thanks! I got excited when the third option said locking... But realized it wasn't for our trucks haha
What size is our axle? That true trac is not for our trucks? I am so confused....
Truetrac is definitely for our trucks. I'm *pretty* sure it depends on being BT or Non-BT to get the right one. Could be wrong
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