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wtb used banks exhaust

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model # 48120
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mines for sale 325 + shipping. i am in miami. had it since october. great condition.
can it be easily modified to come out the back instead of the side?:poke:
a quality muffler shop should be able to do it. just weld on an extension. but why mess with perfection?
offer sent"misslelau
I have like three people already interested in it at 325 + shipping. remember this is $510+ shipping at system.

First one to paypal me the money gets it.

my paypal is - [email protected]

you will need to paypal me 325.00 for the exhaust. Once i have that i will pull the exhaust off and pack it. Once it is packed i can then weight it and measure it so that UPS can give me a rate to your address. When i get the rate i will email you that amount and you will need to paypal me that amount to cover the shipping.

send me the paypal confirmation #

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sorry guys.
another thread stealer:boxing:
sorry maaan you had first dibs.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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