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:wtf: Aftermarket system = no bass:wtf:

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I had an amp and new speakers installed in the doors of my truck. Kept the stock HU. Now the system is very loud and clear, but there is almnost no bass. My stock speakers had better bass. What gives??
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SmokeEater829 said:
No bass blockers installed. The amp is a RF 400w X 4 channel. The speakers are TMA. Total Mobile Audio made by JL Audio.
the amp has a crossover on it and they used it to keep you from blowing the speakers. Noone explained this to you before the install. NICE REAL NICE> Time to add a sub buddy. Or you can have them switch the amp to full pass and turn it way down.
SmokeEater829 said:
I guess I'll have to bring it back to them and have them change the crossover on the amp. I'm trying to stay away from subs because I don't want to lose the space under the rear seats. I was considering putting a sub under the passenger front seat, but it seems that nobody thinks thats a good idea. I don't know what to do if they can't make it sound better. Starting to feel like I wasted almost $600.00:mad:
Prepare for them to look at you like you are nuts tomorrow when you take it back. Becasue running that amp full pass goes against everything we are taught in car audio. But you need to explain to them you do not want to add a sub due to it taking up space.But be prepared to get some crazy looks .
t22a80 said:
If you can take a pic and post it of the side of the amp where the crossover controls are. We might be able to spot somthing that you can just adjust on your own and not have to deal with those clowns anymore.
I would not suggest this if you want a warranty. If you blow something or if you just so happen to have a bad speaker and it blows. If you take it back to the shop and they can tell you adjusted on the amp they will not want to warranty the speakers even though they should because its your amp and you explained what you were looking for.

Just take it back and draw them a picture this time. Some installers need pictures not the best listeners in the world.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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