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:wtf: Aftermarket system = no bass:wtf:

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I had an amp and new speakers installed in the doors of my truck. Kept the stock HU. Now the system is very loud and clear, but there is almnost no bass. My stock speakers had better bass. What gives??
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No bass blockers installed. The amp is a RF 400w X 4 channel. The speakers are TMA. Total Mobile Audio made by JL Audio.
I guess I'll have to bring it back to them and have them change the crossover on the amp. I'm trying to stay away from subs because I don't want to lose the space under the rear seats. I was considering putting a sub under the passenger front seat, but it seems that nobody thinks thats a good idea. I don't know what to do if they can't make it sound better. Starting to feel like I wasted almost $600.00:mad:
The amp i already had. The speakers are new. Listened to them in the shop on a 100 watt amp and an aftermarket HU and they sounded great. But in the truck, no bass.
I got the crazy look already. I told them that when I had it done. Kinda figure that they were listening but I guss not.
Something else i was thinking about. I don't think that the shop installed a Re-Q. I think they used the line out converters. But i'm not sure. Could this be an issue??
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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