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WTS used Extang Trifecta (VA)

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So Extang, great company that they are, sent me a brand new Trifecta cover because mine was slightly defective after 3 years. One of the back corners was coming up out of the channel. Minor issue really, and I dealt with it for a few months, but went out on a limb and contacted Extang and they were good for th lifetime warranty. The only thing is that I had to cut the lot number out of the cover, so there's a 4 inch (ish) hole in the cover that i put duct tape on both sides to keep it waterproof. Someone with a little skill with needle and thread should have no problem patching it up if necessary.

So $50 gets you a used Trifecta cover and all the hardware (Crew cab WITH rail system). Local pickup only unless you want to pay for shipping for this ginormous thing. Hit me up w/any questions. I'm in Gainesville, VA 20155.

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134 Posts's kind of a long drive, how big of a box would it need? Greyhound maybe? Of course the nearest Greyhound station to you is Fredricksburg I believe, which isn't all that close. They're saying $67 to ship to Youngstown, OH
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