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WTT: 2011 Nav bezel w/ 7" GPS + backup cam

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I will be trading my truck in within the next couple of months. I figure that some of my mods will not add any value to the trade, so I am offering up a trade plus some cash.

I have a 08-12 factory NAV bezel. I installed a Magellan 7" 9055 lm. It will also come with the wiring to install. I will also throw in the Boyo License Plate Backup camera with the deal. The bezel wiring has RCA connections so you can hook up video to the Magellan.

I have 2 switches in the center cupholder compartment that turn the GPS off and the backup camera on at anytime. I could trade that little black piece as well since the holes are already cut for the switches.

You can find my write-up and pics here:

Here is the GPS Unit:

The only thing I don't like about the set up is that the GPS unit sometimes needs to be reset with the small wire. Not sure why it does this...maybe an update...maybe just how it handles being in there 100% of the time. It also freezes sometimes after the backup camera comes on. It shows the last picture from the camera. Flipping the on/off switch clears it and it goes back to normal. You can always use your own GPS or swap it for a tablet.

I am looking for $150 + shipping and trading for your 08-12 factory non-nav bezel.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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Where did you splice you camera in for power? I am doing this "mod" now and was curious. I already did the GPS power portion etc... Also, with this, I have my stock 2011 Pro-4x bezel if you're interested.
Sorry guys, bezel is sold to smon. I shoulda put this up earlier.
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