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WTT: My 07 black Lexus IS250 Fully loaded NAV, backup camera,col/heat seats,...

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I want to trade my 07 Lexus IS250 for a lifted CC! The car is super nice! Im open for offers! please Pm me or post back if interested! i will try to post some pictures soon, the car is black inside and out, loaded with EVERY OPTION availiable, sunroof, nav, backiup camera, sport shifter, bluetooth,....
thank you!!
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Soooooo your looking for a Titan???
Where are you located? I have a lifted T for sale.
Yes! I used to have a 08.5 cc and had to get rid of it because I was driving a lot, but now I'm ready for another one :)
Bhamby3 - I'm located in Oklahoma city, but I'm willing to drive for the right Titan! Im really looking for a cc, thank you tho I like ur Titan!
Dude thats crazy I'm in OKC too and Ive been looking for an IS 250. I have a black lifted CC, but it has an a** ton of miles on it. If your looking to sell I might be interested tho...
That is crazyyy!!!!! im actually in Edmond which is closer to Yukon haha i would definitively like to take a look at your truck and work something out!! i can pm you my number and we can meet up!!
Tto bad your in OKC. I would have liked to check it out but im in Fl.
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