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WTT: MY 20" rockstars/Toyo Proxes for your stock 20"

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Hey guys,

Decided that I am going to put my Titan back to stock, and trade her in on something fun (S4 it's looking like).

Anyways, I bought these wheels/tires a couple months ago from someone on Craigslist. The tires have TONS of tread left (probably around 2-3k on them). They are Toyo Proxes, and are 305/50/20...I can double check that in the AM. Also need to check the wheel width, which I believe is 8.5...backspacing is stock. Once again, I will double check everything in AM. They came from a hummer H3, so I am utilizing ET lugnuts, and hub centric rings. They look amazing on the truck, and the tires have an awesome looking aggressive tread. They are almost perfect, and only one wheel has a TINY nick on it, other than that, awesome condition.

So...I want to trade these for a set of stock 20" wheels/tires with equally good tread, plus some cash on your end. I am a VERY reasonable guy, so that amount can be negotiated with any interested buyers/traders.

Lastly, I will get some pics up in tomorrow after she gets a bath. Thanks for reading, and hopefully someone local can hook it up.
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for 1 pics would help your thread a ton. and for 2 you say local only but dont state where local is. your user name is dirty jersey, but we can only assume so much.
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