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WTT rear bumpers

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I have the chrome rear bumper on my 08. I have 1500 miles on the truck. Rear bumper is chrome with back up sensors. I would like to perferably trade for a color matched (smoke) rear bumper with the back up sensors. Since this would only be on a pro4x, I am also willing to trade for the Unpainted or grey/silver rear bumper plus $50. Or any color rear bumper with the back up sensors and $25. Let me know if anyone is interested.
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if you are interested in selling, let me know. i have a dent in my rear, i relied too much on the sensors and hit a concrete post and have a small dent on my brand new 08 SE
Are you in AZ? I might be selling it. I might be picking up a silver "unpainted" one tomorrow. I will let you know. I would prefer if you were in AZ though.
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