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xe front bumper help

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the passenger side of my bumper got involved in a fender bender today :boxing: however since it is 1 whole piece i can't just change the side that got damaged. I'm thinking of just getting a se bumper, what part numbers would I have to get to convert to the chrome look? also what part numbers would I need to replace the whole bumper cover for the XE?

lastly what website can I get these from?

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wow,same happened to me.I was going to go the se route,went to a junk yard here in Houston to pick it up and noticed a red xe that was 50 bucks.Next day i bought 1 pint of majestic blue for $75.Then Charlie76 hooked me up with his body guy which painted it perfectly for a donation.He added all the additives and clear coated it.If you look on-line you'll find either or fairly expensive new,but if you search around your area maybe you could find it cheaper

If you check e-bay and try and see what city they're selling from you might get lucky like i did.The yard was selling all kinds of bumpers for titans here in the Houston area.
Does anyone know what the pillar in the middle of the front lights is called? The thing that can be chromed in the front. Don't exactly know the name, don't even know if It can be changed out easily. Eitherway, I'd like to ask the dealership, just don't want to sound stupid when I don't know exactly what peice i'm talking about. It'd be great if someone could give me some info on how I could replace this.. Trying to go from Solid black >>> Chrome. Thanks.
I was wondering as well, how much a conversion from xe to se would estimate around. and what parts I would need for a full swap. also will a bumper from an 03-06 fit on an 07? thanks
not completely sure about the cost but if you swap to an SE front bumper you also need to get the bumper brackets since they are different between the two models.

Heres a thread where someone did the conversion, although they swaped parts with someone else so they didnt have to buy them.
http://www. club titan .org/forums/showthread.php?t=7127&highlight=bumper+swap

(remove the big spaces between in the url)
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