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I have an 09 XE single CD unit. I had the kenwood dnx9960 installed and I also installed the steering wheel volume controls under ELBO's directions on this site (and it went great). I cannot get the volume controls to work even when the pac swi unit installed. the place that installed it could not get it to work and they install hundreds of systems. The tech was a 15 year veteran of installing sytems and he could not get it to work. He even tried to wire it himself directly and couldn't get it. What is missing on the single CD unit that the 6 cd changer has that makes the volume controls work? The plug was there when I installed the volume controls(had to replace the cruise control and volume control switches as this is one piece). Many in this site state they get it with the 6 Cd and the single CD posts just fade out without an answer. I have seen the mention of another steering wheel but no one really clearly identifies what needs to be done in order to make this work. Does anyone have an idea what I am missing? Any advise?
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