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XM factory wiring pictures

1386 Views 5 Replies 4 Participants Last post by  Justin im thinkin about gettin XM in my 2004 titan. i have the RF6cd changer and everything so i know that its pre-wired for it.

my question is...they guy that had the truck before me had XM in it. so im pretty sure that he had the factory wiring/harness thing in there. but im not sure if its still there. ive looked up under the drivers side dash, but i dont know whats what. there is no wire hangng down for the plug in, so thats why im thinkin that its still plugged into the module thing.

does anyone have any pics of where they mounted everything under the dash? or at least a part number for the stuff, i looked on the sites that sell them, but they are a crapshoot for information.

so if you have some pics of where the parts are under the dash, please post them on here. i'd appreciate it.
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Stock location for sat radio boxes is piggyback with the BCM. Look under dash, above the gas pedal.
ok cool. i think i found it. the BCM is the small black box above the gas pedal? and there is a silver box mounted back behind im assuming this is the satellite radio interface. it says its made by clarion on the sticker on it.

is this right????
Above the brake pedal, up against the firewall (or close to) is where the amp for the Fosgate audio system mounts - it will have two connectors plugged into the amp, one white and one blue.

In the 'stock' mounting position the satellite receiver mounts on the underside of the amp. A number of folks added the satellite receiver after purchase and rather than mount in the stock position, mounted the box essentially under the steeringwheel column.

The connector you are looking for is white, about 1 inch wide, 1/4 inch deep. It has two rows of pins. If the factory satellite receiver was at some point equipped and then removed prior to sale, the connector could be most anywhere under the dash, but more than likely tucked under the kneepanel under the steering wheel column.
awesome...thanks man. ill have to get under there and look again when i get home.

thanks for clearing it up for me guys.
I have an XM Tuner that will fit your truck that I am taking off my 2008 Titan. I am switching to Sirius so am looking to offload the "old" tuner.
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