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XM Satellite Radio update

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I have a Delphi XM SKYFi that I can move from vehicle to vehicle....
initially I thought I'd be unable to use it in the Titan because there's
no cassette slot to accept the cassette adapter that comes with the
vehicle adapter kit....I attached the "line out" from the mounting
dock into the Titan's "AUX" plug on the dash next to the radio ( The Rockford
Fosgate is what I have) and plays no problem. I located the
antenna on the dash as far forward, in the center, as I could. I mounted
the head off a RAM mount in the tray on the top of the dash. Works great.
FYI the power outlet nearest the driver is always live..the passenger's side
is wired into the ignition. Also the the power outlet near the tailgate is
always live too..........
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If the output is a stereo mini-plug on your MP3, all you need
is a double ended mini-plug cord..I got mine at Radio shack. The
XM is powered by a cigarette plug adapter that comes with the
car adapter kit which reduces the voltage from 12V to 6V. Your
player is probably powered by batteries but I think some have
a way to use the DC power point in your truck. BTW if your are
dissatisfied with the volume output of your player out of the car
there are a couple of battery powered mini-amps..Boostaroo and
one made by Headroom......they have great ear-buds available too!
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