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your wholesale price here!

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So i bought my 2010 titan le crew cab 2wd in january and payed $29,000 otd. Thought i got an awesome deal. Me and my wife found a bigger house that we wanted buy so to lower my bills i decided to take the hit and sell my truck back to dealer or to carmax. The retail price is $34,000 and The trade in is around $29,000 on kelly blue book and around $27,000 on nada. Ive got 3,000 miles on it and haven't got rid of new car smell. So i feel i should get around $25,000 or $26,000 since im not buying anything. Nope both place offered me a wopping $21,000 for my so called $34,000 retail truck that i bought 2 mounths ago. I was floored! They said thats the wholesale price! So needless to say im sticking it out for the long haul and will not buy new again.
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With gas pricing that are supose to hit $5, hate to tell you, you will probally have to eat a big loss i know it sucks but maybe youll fall in love with your titan like i did my 06 and starting to love my 08. If you have to sell it though you would probly have better luck selling it yourself and being patient tell the right person came along.
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The last place you ever want to sell your vehicle to is a dealer. When I'm ready for a new car I do two things generally. Sell the old one myself before I buy and then usually buy something 1 or 2 years old with as low miles as I can find, let the poor sucker that bought it new take the big hit. And NEVER be in a big hurry to do either!
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Ill tell you this I paid 29k for my 09 LE CC 4x4 without a blemish with individual installed step rails, 2k bed cover,$300 exhaust, in channel weather techs, and 21k highway miles with a documented carfax proving each oil change at or before 3750 miles...the dealership calls this platinum pre-owned which is above certified pre-owned. It even passed thier test and they put the same lifetime powertrain warranty on it that they do their new ones. I know 29k may sound high but around here thats a REALLY good deal. I went back the other day and they wanted 39k for a 2WD truck just like mine and 45k for the identical one in a 4x4!

To make a long story short since some DA sold mine so early I don't take the hit if I get in a position where I need to get rid of it quick.

Sorry about your luck I'd either:
A) Keep it
B) Sell it in your yard
C) Get molested and bleed for weeks
D) Try and trade it on a older model for a lower payment

OR I dunno where Mebane is excatly I think its near Hickory, NC which is an hour from me but anyways a place called Jim Barkley Toyota is advertising right now that they are low on used cars and their wanting to buy peoples rides without them doing a trade or anything. It's worth checking out... its in Asheville NC right off I-26 my best friend is a mechanic there so if you go I may can help you a lil.
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