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So i bought my 2010 titan le crew cab 2wd in january and payed $29,000 otd. Thought i got an awesome deal. Me and my wife found a bigger house that we wanted buy so to lower my bills i decided to take the hit and sell my truck back to dealer or to carmax. The retail price is $34,000 and The trade in is around $29,000 on kelly blue book and around $27,000 on nada. Ive got 3,000 miles on it and haven't got rid of new car smell. So i feel i should get around $25,000 or $26,000 since im not buying anything. Nope both place offered me a wopping $21,000 for my so called $34,000 retail truck that i bought 2 mounths ago. I was floored! They said thats the wholesale price! So needless to say im sticking it out for the long haul and will not buy new again.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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