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Ill tell you this I paid 29k for my 09 LE CC 4x4 without a blemish with individual installed step rails, 2k bed cover,$300 exhaust, in channel weather techs, and 21k highway miles with a documented carfax proving each oil change at or before 3750 miles...the dealership calls this platinum pre-owned which is above certified pre-owned. It even passed thier test and they put the same lifetime powertrain warranty on it that they do their new ones. I know 29k may sound high but around here thats a REALLY good deal. I went back the other day and they wanted 39k for a 2WD truck just like mine and 45k for the identical one in a 4x4!

To make a long story short since some DA sold mine so early I don't take the hit if I get in a position where I need to get rid of it quick.

Sorry about your luck I'd either:
A) Keep it
B) Sell it in your yard
C) Get molested and bleed for weeks
D) Try and trade it on a older model for a lower payment

OR I dunno where Mebane is excatly I think its near Hickory, NC which is an hour from me but anyways a place called Jim Barkley Toyota is advertising right now that they are low on used cars and their wanting to buy peoples rides without them doing a trade or anything. It's worth checking out... its in Asheville NC right off I-26 my best friend is a mechanic there so if you go I may can help you a lil.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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