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I have a Yukon 4.11 ring and pinon set with less than 50 miles on it for sale, asking $250 OBO, this is the 24 spline pinion yoke for 06 and up Dana 44's. Its only the set for the rear, as my truck is a 2wd pavement princess.

So here's the back story on all this......I swapped from the BT 3.36's to these, with the anticipation of a good time to come. Well I didn't do enough homework to realize that the RE5 overdrive gear isn't low enough to drop the RPM's @ 80MPH. I live in Jacksonville, FL and drive on I-10 back and forth to work and other things on a regular basis, and at minimum the speed is 70.....on a slow day.....average is 85. With these gears my engine speed is just too high for me to justify keeping them for the occasional play time. My truck is a 2wd so I also lost CC, which I knew would happen, I thought I could do with out it....I was wrong.

What started this whole saga for me is, I have a ruckus coming from under the truck. I initially thought it was trans issues as the noise is a grinding/growling sound and only does it when the truck is rolling and in gear. If while rolling and taken out of gear, and put into neutral the sound goes away. I have no slippage or codes, but do have a tiny shudder between 2-3 gear under moderate throttle. SO what do I do about this, I hop on the good ole internet and start searching. I read a couple posts on here and other forums about possible drive shaft carrier bearing/u-joints making chatter. So I started there as it was the cheapest option. 300$ in parts later and turning a few bolts my self, the sound is still there.....CRAP!!!!

So I pick up the phone and call the drive shaft shop and ask them if they recommend any trans shops in the area (Jacksonville is huge BTW 800+ SQMI, so lots of business all over town). They point me in the direction of a local guy. Called him he's closed for the holidays (this all transpired over the X-mas holiday). So being the impatient Greek that I am, I decided to call AAMCO (cue forehead slap). My pops has taken vehicle's there in the past and had a great experience, plus they will "diagnose" for free. I drop the truck off with them for the day and they call me and say its not the trans, the noise is coming from the rear diff house. For 300$ they will tear it apart and tell me what it is......YEA OKAY DUDE.......NOT.....I decide to take them on their word however and have the rear end rebuilt, not by them of course but a local shop with 30+ years of business. They rebuild the Dana 44 with a new master kit, Yukon Dura-Grip (posi-unit), and Yukon 4.11 gear set. After all is said and done with that I expect the noise to be gone......NOPE!!

So here I am 2000$ later with a noise that I cant quite diagnose (but I'm starting to think torque converter), and a gear ratio that is ridiculously too high, that I cant live with.

So like I said I have a Yukon 4.11 gear set for sale $250 OBO, thats shipped BTW. From Summit these price out at 326$. It has less than 50 miles on it and hasn't really been broken in yet.

PM me if interested.
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