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yukon grizzly locker vs eaton truetrac

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Hi everyone, i'm new to this forums and i've just bought a 2010 titan le 4x4 and the rear open diff is driving me crazy.
I live up in quebec, canada and on snow when i go snowmobiling, at the boat ramp in the summer or at the local drag strip it just plain s***.
Anyway, i way really interrested in a truetrac, but it's telling me everywhere that it only fit up to 2007 but the yukon website says that the grizzly locker fit 07- and 08+...
Just so you know i did use the search option but in some thread it says that the truetrac may fit in the 08+ and some don't so it got me confused.
So if the truetrac fit is it better then the yukon ?
( sorry for all the mistakes, french canadian here :p )
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Truetrac is on my list. I'v researched and researched. It will fit.
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