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installed utiltrack system on non utilitrack bed

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took about 1.5 hrs w/ a buddy
used 13mm small and long socket wrenched
also used 3/8 socket drive
3/4 pvc pipe (35" length) duct taped it to 3/8 drive
used oem bolts
bought nuts for oem bolts from hardware store
duct tape
the track thats closest to the cab has all the oem rivnuts in place(just drill holes and use the screws)
****do not drill all the way through the sheetmetal (only enough to go through the 1st layer) or else u will ruin the oem rivnuts****
see pics
ill write up a step by step when i get the chance.....


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step by step update

tools needed:
duct tape
3/4 pvc pipe
lock nut washers
lock nuts (for oem screws)
13mm socket
13mm deep socket
socket wrench
bar clamp
7/32 drill bit
1/4 drill bit

steps: (left side of truck/driver side)
1) place side track(longer one) closest to the tailgate (see pic 1)
exactly 1/8 from away from the hump.
use clamps to hold the track in place (pic 2)
2) mark the 2 holes that needs to be drilled out
take the track off(pic 3)
3) use 7/32 drill bit(or any smaller size drill bit) to drill the 2 holes.
***do not drill all the way through,only drill through the 1st layer of the sheet metal.
after drilling through the 1st layer, u should see a white color rivnut that is threaded. this is the rivnut that u will use to put the screws through.
4) drill a big enough hole so that u can the screw can go through( i think i used a 1/4 drill bit, maybe even 5/16.**remember do not drill all the way through or u will ruin the rivnut.
5) after drilling the 2 holes, align the track to the drill out holes, clamp it.
use 2 oem screws and tighten the rear 2 bolts to the truck bed.
6) mark the next 2 holes that need to be drilled.***u will not be using the center 2 holes for the longer track. only the holes on each end of the track will be used.
7)measure 1/4 from the longer track end (this should be about the middle of the truck) and clamp the shorter track to the side of the bed. the gap between the longer and the shorter track should be 1/4(pic 4)


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8) mark the 4 holes for drilling(pic1)
9) move towards the cab, mark the 2 holes for drilling.(pic2)
drill these holes 1st.***remember do not drill through, only the 1st layer of sheet metal.
10) after drilling the holes, place shorter track and install track bolts.
11)now go back to the 4 holes that need to be drill out(middle of the cab)(same as pic 1)
12) drill the 4 holes (u can drill through now) there are no rivnuts for these holes...
once drilled, call a friend for help, and tell him to bring beer!!!
13) take the pvc pipe (needs to be about 33 inch long), place the socket wrench in it duct tape the handle so it doesnt move around(pic 3)
14) take the small 13mm socket, place lock nut, then the washer, duct tape the ends of the washer to the socket end(pic 4)
15) w/ your friend, have him inside the bed and put one oem bolts through 1 of the 4 holes. have him hold it in place using a t-40 allen wrench.
while hes doing that crawl under the truck left side just where the left mudflap is, u will see an opening, take the wrench w/pvc pipe and nut and washer and feel around for the bolt, once the nut and washer is against the bolt, have your buddy tighten the bolt.
have way through tightening the bolt it nut and washer will pop out of teh small socket, this is the time to switch to the longer 13mm socket and tighten the bolt .
***the reason why i didnt use the longer socket at 1st was when i placed the nut and the washer w/ the duct tape, it was too deep for it to stay flush w/ the socket....
16) continue w. the next 3 bolts using the same steps as 15...
then once u comlpete the left side, follow same steps for the rt side.

the 4 bolts in teh middle doesnt seem very strong compared to teh ends where the they have the original rivnuts in place, i checked that area and they have another layer of sheet metal. i was thinking of taking the 4 bolts out and placing a 16 gaugh sheet metal drill the 4 holes out, tack weld the nuts and using that as my reinforcment see( pic 5)....
Again this was pretty simple to do, about 1.5 hrs...

good luck, sorry for the long wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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MyTitan...I see what you are saying about the where the two tracks meet. It is pretty flimsy there. Support is definantly needed in the back. I have the nissan toolbox and the wheel is parked right where the empty hole is in the shorter rail. What about some support there??? Other than that it is an awesome upgrade for us who didn't get it originally.

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i just installed mine too... it took me more than 1.5 hours for that bolt inside the fenders. that was a BIIIITCH! to put on. the rest are easy. i have a drop in liner that i had to cut to make it work. i think i might do spray in soon. it's good to have it though.
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